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A cake for the Skills Panorama!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It has been four years since the launch of Europe’s unique portal of skills and labour market intelligence. And one year ago, Cedefop presented to the “world of skills” the brand new, fully revamped Skills Panorama!


Our main added-value is that we do not simply reproduce information and data on skills and the labour market already shown elsewhere, but we conduct our own analysis and bring together quantitative and qualitative sources to offer new insights on skill needs in the EU.

The new Skills Panorama has brought together 7 European and international datasets so as to provide a total of 44 indicators. These are presented individually, as well as under thematic sections for occupations, sectors, countries and skills.

Thus, you can track historical trends, assess the current situation and look into the future for a particular occupation, sector and country; or even for occupations and sectors in a specific country: our goal is to meet as much as possible the information needs of the users. So, the relevant webpages in the Skills Panorama have been designed to allow for flexibility and empower the users, so that you can configure them according to your own requirements.

Furthermore, indicators from the European Skills and Jobs Survey as well as the Making Skills Work index are exclusively presented through the Skills Panorama. The Making Skills work is the first index assessing performance of countries across dimensions of skills development, activation and matching.

But it is not only about numbers! The Skills Panorama takes the analysis further to present Analytical Highlights , such as on trends in occupations, as well as on a selection of topics such as the role of apprenticeships and the importance of replacement demand in opening job opportunities.  

The brand new series of Mismatch Priority Occupations is also presented exclusively in the Skills Panorama. This country-by-country analysis of top shortage and surplus occupations aims to help prioritise policy actions in countries.

The Skills Panorama also maintains a database of Useful Resources where a vast number of documents related to skills and the labour market are curated. Last but surely not least, in our Blog experts share their views or announce new data releases.

This past year, almost 30 thousand visitors trusted the Skills Panorama for their information! Thank you all for supporting us and heavily contributing to the success of the Skills Panorama.

And we have much more to offer you: the future only seems promising with various activities being underway, such as a whole set of new indicators, new section with data on skills,  occupation mismatch registry and many more, so . . . stay tuned!

Thank you all very much and remember that the best are yet to come!

The Skills Panorama Team

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