The ‘Explore’ section is at the heart of the Skills Panorama. This easy-to-use data navigator enables you to explore labour market and skills information compiled from various data sources right at your fingertips.

Explore data and intelligence on skills and the labour market in Europe​

With the Skills Panorama's ‘Explore’ tool you can track historical trends, assess the current situation, and look into the future. You can use the dashboards selected by our experts; configure them according to your own needs; or explore a variety of indicators.

Information can be assessed through our classification (i.e. country, sector, occupation, and indicator) or by policy thematic area (i.e. Labour Market Context, Future Jobs, People and Skills, Matching Skills and Jobs).

You can also explore a unique Cedefop's European Skills Index which measures the comparative performance of the skills formation and matching system of each EU country. This composite index is comprised of three pillars, each of which measures a different aspect of a country's skills formation and matching system. 

But there’s more!

Analytical highlights’ provide you with up-to-date succinct analysis about a skill, a group of skills, a sector, an occupation or a country of interest to you.

Our ‘Blog’ offers you the possibility to learn directly from experts on skills, share their insights and contribute knowledge to discussions on various skills-related topics.

'Institutions' allow you to find European, international and national institutions and organisations providing relevant and valuable data and information on skills and labour markets.

Resources’ give you a quick access to documents, websites, institutions, glossaries and any other relevant sources you need. 

In ‘News and Events’ we curate for you the most recent news and developments in the field of skills in Europe. It allows you to locate the skills-related events taking place and identify those closer to you.

About the tool

Mirroring our core principles

Skills Panorama combines labour market data and expert knowledge with powerful technology in line with our core principles: clear, reliable, open and relevant.

Now, more than ever, you can browse the data and intelligence you need to make informed decisions and choices about skills in Europe.