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Wanted: engineering and science, maths and computer science graduates and post-graduates to fill jobs linked to an increasing demand for clean vehicles.

Key facts:

  • Although the number of motor vehicle manufacturing jobs is forecast to grow at a moderate rate to 2025, demand for clean vehicles is contributing to the creation of 213,000 new high-skilled job openings in research and development (R&D), design and senior roles in the manufacturing process.
  • Clean vehicles will also require existing workers to learn new skills in the assembly of electric motors, computing, electronic control devices and sensing equipment.
  • The majority of R&D and design jobs are expected to be in Western Europe, notably Germany. Central and Eastern European countries will experience a growth in engineering jobs. A steady supply of engineering and science, maths and computer science graduates and postgraduates will be required to fill these roles.

The full text of the Analytical highlight can be downloaded from the link below:

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