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These skills are playing a key role in supporting shifts to a greener economy, both within new eco-industries and across various sectors impacted by environmental regulations.

Key facts:

  • Core environmental goods and services sector (eco-industry) jobs accounted for around 2% of all EU-28 jobs in 2011.
  • Since 2003, the number of these jobs has increased at nearly nine times the rate of total employment. Jobs connected to the eco-industry account for another 8% of all EU-28 jobs.
  • Among businesses and consumers, environmental awareness skills are needed to assess the costs, benefits and risks of investments in environmentally-friendly and resource-saving equipment, systems, products and services, and to ensure compliance with standards, rules and regulations.
  • The demand for environmental awareness skills within occupations is influenced primarily by the regulatory and incentive schemes introduced under energy and environmental policies. The need for practical and theoretical environmental awareness skills is filtering into education and training programmes.

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