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Largest group of professional workers including finance analysts, business consultants, technology professionals, lawyers and economists.

Key facts:

  • Business professionals form the largest part of the wider professional1 occupational group (43% of all professionals). An increase in the demand for business professionals over the last decade has resulted in recruitment difficulties in a number of countries, especially with regard to information and communication technology professionals.
  • Most sectors have, and are expected to, experience employment growth, including those employing significant numbers of business and other professionals.
  • Newly-created business professional jobs are forecast to account for almost one third of all new jobs across the EU-28 from 2013 to 2025. All countries and most sectors are expected to see expansion in the number of business professional jobs.
  • Management, literacy, numeracy, technological and communication skills are required by business professionals, along with an understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks. These are allied with the specific occupational and sectoral skills in the specific areas within which business professionals operate.

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