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Skilled manual workers including taxi, train and bus drivers, as well as ships' deck crews and crane operators.

Key facts:

  • The number of drivers and mobile plant operators employed across the EU-28 has grown over the last decade, but is forecast to decline in the coming years.
  • There are still fairly widespread recruitment difficulties, especially for heavy truck and bus drivers, due to the nature of the hours worked and pay levels.
  • Drivers and mobile plant operators are increasingly required to have customer service and interpersonal skills, as well as the technical skills required to operate their vehicles and machines.
  • The distribution and transport sector is at the forefront of green developments. Vehicles, fuels and distribution processes are becoming more efficient and sustainable. On the one hand this could increase skill levels as these operators need to monitor their tasks more effectively, but technological developments such as remote control and driverless vehicles will reduce certain skills.

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