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Non - agricultural labourers are manual workers who perform a range of simple and routine tasks, which vary by industry.

Key facts:

  • The number of labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport (non-agricultural labourers) rose slightly across the EU-28 from 2003 to 2013.
  • Over the next twelve years, the number of non-agricultural labourers and their share of total EU-28 employment are forecast to rise significantly, especially in the distribution and transport sector.
  • Low qualified workers will become a smaller minority within the nonagricultural labourer group as qualification levels rise.
  • Migrant workers make up a significant proportion of non-agricultural labourers; so communication skills, and an understanding of health and safety, other regulatory requirements, processes, and procedures are essential.
  • The technological sophistication of working tools and the work environment is likely to further drive up skill levels, as will organisational changes requiring labourers to perform more complex tasks.

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