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Workers engaged in the control and monitoring of a wide range of industrial plant, machinery and equipment, including the set - up and maintenance of machinery.

Key facts:

  • Stationary plant and machine operator employment levels fell from 2003 to 2013 across the EU-28. This trend is set to continue in the period to 2025.
  • There is expected to be a further shift away from stationary plant and machine operator jobs in the traditional areas of manufacturing and the primary and utilities sector. There is, however, likely to be continued growth in employment in sectors such as distribution and transport and the business and other services sector.
  • Demands for more sustainable development are likely to drive skills needs as new materials, machines and production processes are required.
  • Qualification levels have risen over the last decade and are predicted to rise further, driven by the greater sophistication of machines and demands for greater product customisation.

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