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2020 scores and progress since 2018

For the index as a whole Switzerland ranks 9th in the 2020 release compared to the 6th position in 2018. Having an excellent score in skills development and skills activation pillar, which is counterbalanced by a bad performance in the skills matching pillar, the country occupies the first position in the “middle-achieving” group of countries.

Switzerland scores 2nd in the skills development pillar. This is a result of an excellent performance in “recent training” (ranks 1st) and a very good performance in all other indicators of this pillar, apart from the “pre-primary pupil-to-teacher ratio” indicator in which it ranks 26th.

Switzerland has the best performance in skills activation, as it ranks 1st. It ranks 1st in all indicators of this pillar, except for the “recent graduates in employment” (ranks 9th).

For the skills matching pillar, Switzerland ranks 24th. Even though it has a good performance in two out of five indicators and an average one in two other indicators, it scores last in “underemployed part-timers”.