The aim of AIKOS – to help the citizens of Lithuania to choose a marketable profession, which can be obtained for the first time or through re-training at Lithuanian or European higher and vocational schools, by accumulating, processing, and presenting easily accessible information to a wide range of users. AIKOS is an open vocational information, counselling, and guidance system providing a wide range of users with information based on public, departmental, and other databases and registers.

Main activities of AIKOS:

  • to provide qualitative information on the possibilities of distant learning,
  •  to inform and consult a wide range of users irrespective of their age helping to chose their own path in the sphere of education, training, and occupation and building their professional career,
  • to provide internet services to the users of data obtained from the databases used by AIKOS.

Contact details

Centre of Information Technologies in Education, Suvalkų g. 1
03106 Vilnius
T: +370 5 2356150