The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) is an institute for multidisciplinary research and teaching at the University of Amsterdam. AIAS’ mission is to strengthen its position as a leading academic centre in the field of labour studies in the Netherlands and abroad, fostering its acclaim as an attractive partner for international cooperation in research and teaching.

The threefold task is to: The Institute performs and facilitate research aimed at developing, empirically testing and applying theories that can explain the working of labour markets, labour relations and organisations, and social and labour policies in an internationally comparative perspective. It develops multidisciplinary teaching programmes concerning these issue and provide expertise to society by supplying analytical tools, results and data. It has a major collection of academic socio-economic data in the field of labour relations, labour organizations, employment and working conditions in the Netherlands and abroad. AIAS research focuses on the analysis of labour markets, social security incomes, institutions and governance. It combines various approaches from sociology, law, economics, medical sciences and political sciences. Its research programmes include studies on employment relations, labour market issues, inequality, institutions and the welfare state. Many studies take an international comparative perspective and are conducted in co-operation with academic partners in other countries. AIAS also produces other output in the form of reports, books, chapters in books and articles.

Contact details

University of Amsterdam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 (6th floor)
1018 WV Amsterdam
T: +31 205254199