The Average Earnings Information System (ISPV) provides accurate and comparable data on earnings and hours paid of employees in the Czech Republic. The ISPV contains data from regular statistical survey called the Quarterly Survey of Average Earnings that is included in the Programme of Statistical Surveys maintained by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) and published every year as a Decree on the Programme of Statistical Surveys. Quarterly Survey of Average Earnings represents the EU-wide harmonized Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) that provides detailed and comparable information on relationships between the level of remuneration, personal characteristics of employees and their employer. As for main variables, the ISPV provides information on the level and structure of remuneration (i.e. the level of the gross monthly wages and hourly earnings and their structure, i.e. bonuses and allowances, special payments for shift work, etc.) as well as on working period (i.e. number of hours actually paid, annual days of holiday leave, other days of paid absence, e.g. paid sick leave days). An essential part of ISPV is the Regional Earnings Statistics (RSCP) which provides detailed information on the wage levels in individual regions of the Czech Republic. The most important variables within ISPV are the gross monthly wage (salary), hourly earnings and worked and non-worked hours. ISPV results are used also during the collective bargaining. The ISPV results are used by human resources officers and company managers, too. Survey results allow them to compare the level of remuneration provided to their own employees with the other ones and thereby determine the optimum wage level in the company. The ISPV provide the employees with interesting information on wage level of individual occupations that can be used as an argument when requesting their current employer for wage increase or when looking for a new job. Last but not least, the wage statistics is also used by the economists and students within their research. Below you can find some of the studies that used the ISPV results.

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