Cambridge Econometrics take economic data and make it meaningful by using models highlight trends and estimate impacts based on real-world outcomes, rather than unrealistic theories. The team consists from economists work with organizations around the world, providing in-depth assessments of specialist topics and cross-sector overviews. Its main clients are governments, local authorities, the European Commission, NGOs and businesses. Moreover collaborates with management consultancies, think tanks and other economists.

Cambridge Econometrics pioneered the development of whole-economy and sectoral analysis, and also developed quantitative methods for measuring innovation performance, and work with clients and collaborators to inform policy design, nationally and internationally. With 25 years’ experience in the area of energy, climate and circular economy, it is a global leader at identifying the key economy-energy-environment interactions at national and global level. It has an international track record of modelling, forecasting and analysing labour, employment and skills. With the in-depth understanding of key drivers, they can analyse detailed labour market information to interpret current and future trends. They are able to estimate the economic value of investment in human capital, and to assess the implications for the labour market of economic and policy changes.Another service they provide is undertaking rigorous and innovative analysis and forecasting for regional and local government and business, to support planning and policy decisions. In addition to that they are at the forefront of improving the evaluation of the impacts of major transport projects, by framing these in economic, rather than simply cost-benefit analysis, terms. Lastly, they provide training tailored to the needs of business, government and academia. 

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