CED has positioned itself as a leading economic policy think tank in Bulgaria due to its active role in significant economic processes and the shaping of economic policies during the years of economic reforms and restructuring after the financial and economic crisis of 1996 – 1997. As a policy institute it has been partnering for many years with the Davos World Economic Forum providing the information on the competitiveness of Bulgaria’s economy for the annual World Competitiveness Report. CED continues to focus on competitiveness as a core economic indicator for the overall socio-economic development of the country. The Center’s goals are to contribute to Bulgaria’s economic development and achievement of sustainable growth, to play a key role in formulating economic policies, to promote public debate on major economic issues; to foster cooperation between the public, private, NGO sector, and educational institutions. It accomplishes its goals by research in the field of economics and their dissemination, developing economic policy options, studying the effectiveness of existing legislation in the field of economy and supporting legislative work. Also contributes in stimulating the exchange of ideas between specialists in the field of economics, management and business from Bulgaria and other countries, the development of Internet applications for the Bulgarian economy and economic education and training The priority thematic areas of CED include also SME development and promotion, enterprise and innovation policy, high tech development, pension reform, business environment, corporate governance, international development, gender equality in the socio-economic area etc. For more than ten consecutive years CED has been elaborating and publishing the Quarterly Report on the Bulgarian Economy covering all macroeconomic developments and analyzing the major trends in the main sectors of the economy. CED has also the reputation of hosting the Club of Diplomats Economists in 2002-2015 with the participation of ambassadors, commercial and economic counselors and attaches of foreign embassies meeting high level Bulgarian public figures and state officials. It has the experience and the know-how to further advance necessary economic and social reforms in Bulgaria through applied research and evidence based policy analysis and advocacy.

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