The Center for Studies and Research on Qualifications (Céreq) is a center of expertise serving professionals, policy makers, social partners and more broadly all players in training, work and employment . Under the twofold supervision of the minister in charge of education and the minister in charge of employment, the Céreq has, for nearly 45 years, an enlightened glance on the questions related to the role of the initial and continuous formation in the professional courses, the professional integration of young people, the evolution of jobs, work, skills and certifications.
The goals of Céreq are to: Develop knowledge of the links between training, work and employment, Inform decision-makers and those involved in training and work, drawing lessons from studies and research, Advise, accompany, equip actors in setting up evaluation or observation systems.
Its main activities are:
• Conduct field studies.
• Build statistical survey devices.
• Conduct research work.

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