The Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje (HZZ) is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia, established under the Act on Employment Mediation and Unemployment Entitlements, with the task of resolving employment and unemployment related issues in the broadest sense of the terms. It is a leading participant in the development of the Croatian labour market, especially in bringing together the entire labour supply and demand with the aim of achieving full employment. The institutes mission the effective labour market mediation by developing high quality services in line with the needs of clients; alongside with the development of its own knowledge, skills and abilities; and by promoting partnerships with stakeholders in the labour market. Its strategic goals are to:

  • increase the competitiveness of the labour force and to meet the needs of the labour market,
  • design and provide new services in the labour market, 
  • establishing partner relationships and having a greater influence on the adoption and implementation of public policies.

There is a central office and regional offices, some of their tasks are: to monitor, analyse and study the economic, social and other trends, employment and unemployment, their mutual relations; and to propose employment incentive measures; to take decisions about unemployment entitlements in the first instance applying the EU regulations on the coordination of social security systems; to implement international agreements on employment, exchange the data on job vacancies within the network of the European Employment Service (EURES); keep records on unemployed persons, other jobseekers and other persons who use the HZZ services; perform employment mediation between employers and jobseekers, take note of the demand for workers, do the follow-up on their employment, thereby cooperating with employers and other legal and natural persons dealing with employment mediation; provide services to employers, according to their specific requirements, with the reimbursement of costs; organize and carry out employment preparation in cooperation with employers, educational institutions and other legal entities; perform the activities of the Migration Information Centre (MIC) - information centres for migrant workers.

Contact details

Central office: Radnička cesta 1
10000 Zagreb
T: +385 1 6126038