The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR) is responsible for implementing and following up on employment policy in Denmark, including recruitment of necessary foreign labour. STAR supports the Minister for Employment in the work of policy formulation, legislation and in relation to the Danish Parliament (Folketinget). STAR generates and disseminates knowledge to support the Minister for Employment and efficient employment efforts. Its goal is to contribute to moving as many people as possible from unemployment into employment or education, and to ensure that enterprises have access to the labour they need. The primary function of STAR is to support this goal, and to this end STAR has four core tasks: Citizen and Business Services, Implementation and Supervision, Policy Making, and Knowledge and Dissemination.

Some of STAR’s main functions are:

  • to ensure the implementation of employment policy in dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the sector, including in particular job centres and unemployment insurance funds, enterprises and the regional labour market councils,
  •  STAR develops and maintains digital solutions that support the implementation of reforms in the employment sector,
  •  it supports the development of policies and the preparation of political initiatives, agreements and reforms in the employment sector and the social security sector,
  • it generates and disseminates new knowledge about the labour market, employment initiatives and social security initiatives for the benefit of political stakeholders and society at large. This is done by conducting reviews, projects.

Contact details

Njalsgade 72A
2300 København S
T: +45 72217400