Economix is an independent private research institute, which specialises in economic, social, employment and education policies. Its investigations are based on theoretical economic concepts, empirical data, legal and institutional facts. They provide scientifically founded policy advice. The focus of its research is the interface between economics, social sciences and law. It aims to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to consulting in the area of economics, labour markets, education and training and social policies. Both quantitative (including the up-to-date survey and econometric methods) and qualitative research methods are used, often in combination.

Economix specialises in comparative analysis at EU and OECD levels and is part of a network that collaborates with research institutions within and outside of Europe.

The range of our services encompasses three areas:

  • world of work,
  • education and vocational education and training,
  • forecast.

Contact details

Lindwurmstraße 9
80337 München
T: +49 89 87579022