Inštitút zamestnanosti (Employment Institute, IZ Bratislava) is non-government, non-profit organization focused on studying problems of employment and unemployment. It is an independent think-tank and cooperates with various other organisations. The mission of the Employment Institute is to organize and to be helpful to the members of the Institute and other persons in economic research, education and practice. Institute works in the field of research, education, social and consulting especially in the field of labour market and employment in general. IZ Bratislava is focused on the Slovak labour market in the sense of its differences by regions, age, qualification, etc. Employment Institute describes and puts forward problems of active labour market policies, life-long learning, middle and long term strategies and forecasts based on regional differences. It organizes conferences and seminars focused on labour market. It collects information and provides research and studies on labour market by scientific, mainly statistical, means.

In its activities the Institute is focused on: support of theoretical thinking in the community, analysis and research of economical processes in Slovakia, collecting information, preparing studies and publications based on the state or other organisations' requirements.

The Employment Institute offers:

  • analyses of Slovak and European labour markets,
  • analyses and forecasts of regional and sectorial labour market,
  • data on regional employment and unemployment,
  • microdata on potential employees,
  • analyses of employees and their wages in individual regions and sectors,
  • general economic background of Slovak and EU regions.

Contact details

Povraznícka 11
811 05 Bratislava
T: +421 2 52621084