SOLAS' functions are to manage, co-ordinate and support the delivery of this integrated Further Education and Training by the Education and Training Boards (ETBs); to monitor delivery and provide funding based on reliable, good quality data and positive outcomes; and to promote Further Education and Training provision that is relevant to individual learner needs and national skills needs. This includes the needs of business and future skills requirements..

It also aims to ensure that Further Education and Training is inclusive and recognises that all citizens have the potential to develop their skill sets if afforded the opportunity and support to do so. SOLAS is working to be a trusted guardian of Further Education and Training, we are developing our knowledge base and will use this to advance the Further Education and Training contribution to citizens, the economy and society.  The Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) publishes research and reports that facilitates development and review of policy and practice in the further and higher education sectors as well as other related sectors. The Expert Group on Future Skill Needs (EGFSN) advises the Irish Government on current and future skills needs of the economy and on other labour market issues that impact on Ireland's enterprise and employment growth. It has a central role in ensuring that labour market needs for skilled workers are anticipated and met. The (NSD) National Skills Database, developed by the SLMRU, collates all available information on the supply and demand of skills in Ireland. It represents an effective tool for timely analyses and forecasting of the labour market at occupational level.

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