The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) is a public-law body that started its work in 1979. The HRDA 's mission is to create the conditions for planned and systematic training and development of the human resources of Cyprus at all levels and in all areas to meet the needs of the economy within the framework of the social and economic policy of the state. The objectives of the HRDA are upgrading human resources, improving productivity and enhancing the competitiveness of Cypriot enterprises and enhancing the quality and efficiency of the Cyprus economy training and development of human resources. An essential tool and decisive activity for the fulfilment of the HRDA's mission is to conduct research and studies and to undertake relevant development actions on strategic issues for the training and development of human resources, focusing on forecasts of employment needs in the Cypriot economy, needs employment and training in areas with growth prospects, as well as the review and evaluation of the activities of the HRDA. Surveys and studies are classified in the following four thematic areas:

  • trends and forecasts of employment and training Needs,
  • review and evaluation of HRDA activities,
  • analysis of systems and vocational education and training infrastructures,
  • specialized human resources studies.

 Analytical data that come from the HRDA's multidimensional research project are also pesented on their website:

  • estimates of employment needs in professions,
  • sectoral Demand forecasts.

Contact details

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1392 Nicosia
T: +357 22515000