ISA + Information System offers help in finding an educational and professional career. Here there are information for all schools and fields of education, on the transition to the labor market and further education. Also there are tests and video tutorials to provide help in selecting a profession. The system offers data on education, schools, and their current educational offer, linking them to long-term knowledge about the employability of school leavers in the labor market and the needs of employers. The system is also gives advice and recommendations for all those interested in career decision making, examples of good practice focused on the issue of education and the use of people with disabilities, or the prevention of early school leaving . The project is strongly focused on supporting disadvantaged people and preventing early school leaving. In the framework of analytical activities, an inquiry was carried out among school leavers with disabilities, with an emphasis on their experience with the choice of education and the transition to the labor market, or the investigation of employers with questions about the employment of graduates with disabilities. In the field of prevention of early school leavers, a qualitative survey was carried out between experts on this issue as well as surveys at schools and labor offices. All outputs are published in the system together with a number of examples of good practice in this area. Another significant output of the project was the modernization of the existing Center of Career Counseling at the NÚV - Information and Counseling Center for those interested in education and for pedagogical and counseling staff. Conceptually designed and technically well-equipped workplaces fully use the ISA + user base, but can also provide individual target groups beyond the self-service capabilities of the system. The project also provided accredited e-learning education in the field of career guidance. The aim of the project was to help:

  • elementary school pupils in the choice of high school education and choice,
  • secondary school pupils in deciding on the continuation of education and on the transition to the labor market,
  • educators and career counselors and teachers in providing career guidance and teaching,
  • school management when modifying its own educational offer and innovating school education programs,
  • labor offices and other state institutions in orientation in the educational offer and in conceptual work,
  • employers in orientation in the education system and in communication with the school sector.

Contact details

National Institute for Education Career counseling center, Weilova 6
Prague 10
T: +420 274022332