The Institute of Economic Research belongs to one of the institutes established right after the creation of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1953. In recent years the Institute undertakes national-economy oriented economic research which focuses on finding answers for the state, functioning, and directions of the Slovak economy. The research also encompasses utilization and cultivation of the country’s potential, finding ways and resources that minimize risks and threats of Slovakia’s development during the completion of transformation process in the context of globalization and integration.

The Institute’s research integrates theory with empirical tools. The departments of research are: world economy, macroeconomics and knowledge economy, socio-economic development and labour market, economic modelling and analyses and empirical research.

The Institute’s current research activities address the following areas:

  • globalization, integration and adaptation processes in the world economy in general and European economies in particular;
  • processes and policies affecting the social-economic development of Slovakia and its regions;
  • macroeconomic policies in relation to stability and macroeconomic growth in the national and regional context;
  • processes and policies that foster knowledge-based economy;
  • relationship between economic policy of the state and the development of the business sector;
  • economic processes with applications of mathematical economics and econometrics.

The main results of the Institute’s research are shared with the professional bodies as well as the broader public through different forms of its editorial activities and offers relevant results to the government bodies. The Institute of Economic Research of Slovak Academy of Sciences is entitled to participate in performing the postgraduate courses. The postgraduate courses consist of two parts – study and research parts. It is carried out fully under the sponsorship of the Faculty of National Economy of the University of Economics in Bratislava. In the part for research an independent scientific study is being elaborated by the postgraduate student within some of the scientific teams of the Institute.

Contact details

Sancova No. 56
811 05 Bratislava
T: +421 2 52498214