The Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is an independent, non-profit research Institute. The institute brings together expertise from economists, sociologists, and political scientists, among others, to address fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices. The IHS is today funded by the Austrian government and by other public organizations. There are currently 11 research groups established at the Institute; they provide the basis for interdisciplinary research on topics such as health, labour market, European integration, and education. In total, the research groups cover a wide span of topics, methods, and disciplines. Researchers at the IHS develop and host a broad palette of tools and models built on methodologies established in economic and social science which are the basis for economic forecasts, e.g. the quarterly economic forecast for Austria, a renowned component of media reporting on domestic economic policy. In addition, the IHS has a broad range of social and economic datasets which are processed and used in multiple research projects. Among others, the IHS, commissioned by Federal Ministries, coordinates the national branch of the European Social Survey (ESS), an ongoing survey of attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns across thirty European countries. In addition it offers a range of Working Papers Series to assist in the fast dissemination of research in the academic community. The IHS Economics Working Paper Series publishes original research papers on topics from all fields of economics, particularly from the three main fields of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. The nature of contributions may range from model-based and theoretical to data-based and empirical. The IHS Political Science Working Paper Series is dedicated to up-to-date political science analysis both in academic terms as well as in policy terms. The series disseminates research relevant to all fields of political science and provides conceptual and empirical original work. The Working Papers are published to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of our knowledge in politics.

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