The Institute of Labour and Social Studies (IPiSS) is a public research institute based in Warsaw, Poland. Its core area of activity is applied research on social and economic policies in Poland and the EU. For over a quarter of a century, the Institute has served Polish policymakers as an advisory body, carrying both applied and academic research, as well as delivering doctorate programmes and publishing academic journals, number of expert reports and books.

The Institute‘s research covers a wide range of issues of key economic and social importance like population ageing, European social law, welfare state, labour market, educations, training and skills, migrations, family policy, human resources management and social innovation.

The main forms of IPiSS activities are:

  • research,
  • consultancy,
  • evaluation,
  • conferences and seminars,
  • publishing,
  • cooperation in the implementation of projects and grants.

Contact details

ul. Bel­lot­tiego 3B
01-022 Warszawa
T: +48 22 5367515