Lithuanian Labour Exchange (LLE) is an executive agency under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. LLE is responsible for the provision of labour market services to jobseekers and employers and the implementation of active labour market policy measures. Registration at LLE is one of the prerequisites to be eligible for unemployment and social benefits. Currently the Lithuanian Labour Exchange and its 10 local labour exchange offices and branches in municipalities around Lithuania implement state employment guarantees on the national and local levels. Its main two clients are employers and jobseekers. LLE offers support for jobseekers who want to find a job more quickly, giving them the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to compete and succeed in the labour market, and help employers to find qualified labour force. It offers the Lithuania's largest database of job vacancies and jobseekers, which is updated constantly and it publishes monthly situation review and quarterly labour market trends reports.

Contact details

Ministgry of Social Security & Labour, Geležinio Vilko str. 3A
03131 Vilnius
T: +370 5 2360793