The National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education (ANQEP) is responsible for coordinating the implementation of youth and adult education and vocational training policies and ensuring the development and management of the competency recognition, validation and certification system.

The main attributions of ANQEP are the following:

  • to develop and manage the system of recognition, validation and certification of competences, at school and professional level, monitoring, evaluation and regulation of the system,
  • to coordinate, stimulate and manage the provision of dual certification of education and training for young people and adults, as well as the network of entities responsible for the application of the corresponding information and guidance systems,
  • coordinate and promote the design of courses, curriculum development and specific methodologies and materials for vocational education and training of dual certification for young people and adults,
  • establish relations of cooperation or association with other actors, public and private, national or foreign, in particular with a view to fostering the development of learning of quality throughout life,
  • to contribute to the development at European level of exchanges and cooperation mechanisms and of mobility between vocational education and training systems for young people and adults,
  • to promote the identification, production and national and international comparability of qualifications essential for the competitiveness of the economy,
  • to promote the integrated evaluation of the qualification modalities that it coordinates,
  • participate in the development of initial and continuous training frameworks for teachers, trainers and other professionals involved in the provision of dual certification education and training for young people and adults.

Contact details

Av. 24 de Julho, n.º 138
1399-026 Lisboa
T: +351 943700