The mission of the National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers (NÚV) is to enhance in various ways the continuing development of a general, vocational, art and linguistic education, and to support schools in the area of their pedagogical-psychological, educational and career counselling, as well as in the methodology used in the continuing education of teachers. All these services emphasize a general focus on lifelong education while maintaining close cooperation with the EU. The institute is, also, responsible for the development of national curricula and help schools with creating their own educational programmes and their implementation. It is not only focused on initial education at schools, but also on adult education courses. It works in the area of certifying qualifications and the issues concerning their acceptance not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the European Union. Furthermore, it is taking action to facilitate equal access to education and to support the necessary means for guidance and counselling. Monitoring the transition of graduates from schools to the labour market, the rate of their unemployment, whether they work within their fields of study, what motivates them towards enhancing their qualifications, and how successful they are in tertiary education. The institute also monitors the employers' expectations regarding the graduates' abilities and we propose changes in the education that could help graduates to be more successful on the labour market. Offering both general and comprehensive information about schools and offered fields of education to both experts and the general public as well. The National Institute for Education focuses on pedagogical-psychological, educational and career guidance and counselling, as well as on initial prevention of risk behaviour, while constantly working to raise the quality of these services. It monitors qualifications and competencies of workers providing education and school counselling services and, based on these findings, fosters the development of programmes. The organization implements a wide range of projects supported by the European Social Fund. Thanks to the help of the European Union, it has become possible to modernize the Czech educational system easier than before. Coordination, expert and counselling-consultation activities are an important part within the activities carried out by the National Institute for Education.

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