The National Institute of Educational Evaluation (INEE) is the body of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports responsible for the evaluation of the Spanish educational system by National evaluations, International assessments and Educational indicators. The INEE is part of the General Directorate of Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation of the Ministry.

In collaboration with the regional education administrations, the National Institute for Educational Evaluation It prepares multi-year plans for the general evaluation of the education system and establishes methodological and scientific standards that guarantee the quality, validity and reliability of educational evaluations. Moreover, it coordinates the participation of the Spanish State in international evaluations with the corresponding international organizations: OECD, IEA, European Commission. It elaborates the State System of Education Indicators, which contributes to the knowledge of the educational system and to guide the decision making of educational institutions and all sectors involved in education. In addition, the Institute is the body responsible for the publication of the Journal of Education, a quarterly scientific publication whose main objective is the dissemination of advances in research and educational innovation.

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