The National Institute of Labour and Human Resources (NILHR) is a public body, operating under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare. The NILHR’ mission is to support the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare with regard to the policies and actions designed and implemented for the human resources in the country. In this context, the NILHR implements, monitors and analyzes issues of the labor market and lifelong learning, and in particular the evolution and structure of employment and unemployment, vocational training, labour relations and the interaction between economic and social developments for the population as a whole or for specific groups. A key objective of the NILHR is the analysis of the supply of, and demand for, occupational categories and skills, and the identification of training needs at a national and a local level. The Institute also participates in and implements EU programs concerning employment and vocational training. The NILHR is also responsible for gathering and supplying the European Commission with the requisite data for the Labour Market Policies (LMP) database. It is the coordinating agent for the design, development and operation of System 1 ESSEEKA, under the relevant institutional framework governing the functioning of the National System for Linking Vocational Education and Training with Employment. The Institute is staffed with highly qualified scientific personnel, with extensive experience in labour market research and in continuing vocational training.

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