The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) is Austria’s provider of labour-market related services. They match candidates with job openings and assist jobseekers and companies by offering advice, information, qualification opportunities and financial assistance. Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer protection, the AMS assumes its role as an enterprise under public law in close cooperation with labour and employers’ organisations. There are multiple regional offices offering services for jobseekers and companies. With the eAMS account, both can easily use a range of services online at any time: whether seeking employment through the AMS or looking for an applicant in the eJob room. The AMS online guides help with questions about financial services of the AMS and their eligibility requirements. The AMS training database offers courses for professional development. Moreover provides instructions, exercises and tips for all steps of application process - from the first thought of the new job to the salary negotiation and legal differences in different forms of work, examples of cover letters and CVs from various professional areas.