The INAPP is a national research institute with a specific focus on vocational education and training (VET), employment and social policies and a strong commitment to promoting employment, social inclusion, skills and human capital development as well as at fostering growth and innovation. INAPP reports to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and provides support to the central government and local authorities. Isfol also acts as in-house agency for the Ministry and is entrusted with the management of relevant national contracts in its fields of expertise. INAPP carries out research, surveys and TA activities in four core areas:

  • labour market and professions: analysis of labour market dynamics and of employment and career guidance services, industrial relations and social dialogue,
  • social Inclusion: analysis of social inclusion policies, aimed at both general and specific target groups, monitoring welfare services,
  • vocational education and training: analysis of VET systems and policies,
  • skills analysis and forecasting: occupation and skills needs forecasting, skills analysis, models for skills assessment and validation, assessment of adults competences (PIAAC).

Contact details

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