SOCIUS, Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology, is a research unit from ISEG - School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, created in May 1991 by teachers and researchers. SOCIUS main area of scientific activity is that of economic and organisational sociology. An active and prominent role has been taken in the development of networks with national and international partner institutions to promote knowledge sharing, collaborative research projects and debate on common fields of research.

The principal areas of research and work lie in the field of Economic and Organizational Sociology, and essentially focus on the following lines of research, are:

  • work, employment, gender and organizations,
  • science, technology, health and professions,
  • sustainable development, the tertiary sector and social networks,
  • globalisation, economics, space and culture.

The main activities of the centre in these areas are:

  • scientific research projects,
  • participation in different research programmes and national and international networks,
  • 0rganization of seminars, national and international conferences, colloquiums and workshops,
  • inclusion of graduate, post-graduate, master’s and PhD students in scientific research projects and supervision of post-graduate works and master’s and doctoral theses,
  • consulting,
  • training for civil society’s organizations and institutions, including the training of teachers at various academic levels,
  • publication and promotion of different studies (working papers, research works, support texts for training exercises, seminars, etc.).

Contact details

Rua Miguel Lupi 20
1249-078 Lisbon
T: +351 213 925910