The Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) is a research institute of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, established in 1986. Through its research, the institute aims to improve the understanding of the relationship between education and the labour market. The overarching research theme of ROA is the acquisition and depreciation of human capital over the life course in relation to the dynamics of the labour market.

This is studied in four research programmes:

  • education and occupational career,
  •  training and employment,
  •  dynamics of the labour market,
  •  human capital in the region.

In these fields ROA contributes to both the academic literature and the public debate on education and labour market issues. ROA’s field of research concerns the match between education and the labour market. More in particular, the institute aims to enhance the understanding of the relationship between education and the labour market. ROA’s intention is to make a significant contribution to both academic and societal discussions on the effects of knowledge and skills acquired in education and in other learning situations on

  • occupational careers,
  • performance within organisations,
  • the development of the economy at the national and regional level.

The insight that ROA wishes to provide, consists not only of statistical data that increase the transparency of the labour market for those who need to take decisions on their education or personnel recruitment, but also includes knowledge of the way in which the labour market functions, and the choices that individuals, organisations and policy-makers can make with respect to education and the labour market at all stages of the individual life cycle.

Contact details

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6211 LM Maastricht
T: +31 433883647