Skills Match is an interactive tool for people who are interested in connecting young Londoners to London’s jobs. It is an online resource that allows an exploration of the dynamic between skills supply and employer demand in London. It brings skills data and labour market data together to enable users to take an intelligence-led, geographically specific approach to addressing youth unemployment in London.

Skills Match was developed by MIME Consulting, educational data specialists, in conjunction with London Councils. The project was funded through the Open Data Breakthrough Fund.

The development of Skills Match was informed by a steering group comprising numerous practitioners from Local Authorities, the Greater London Authority and careers organisations.

The primary users of Skills Match are intended to be:

  • careers advisors: to use in advising young people on growth sectors (and therefore courses that will maximise their chances of getting employment),
  • education/training providers/curriculum planners: to ensure that the courses put on reflect future demand for skills,
  • policy makers/planners: to ensure that the type of provision required across London is appropriate for future skills requirements,
  • employers: to identify the education providers that are providing the talent they require to fulfil their skills gaps.

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