The State Institute for Vocational Education, reflects wide range of activities on the broad issues of vocational education. It follows modern European trends emerging from new opportunities for secondary vocational education, oriented to the needs of the labor market and a skilled workforce. The activities of the organization are focused on pupils, pedagogical and professional staff and the needs of employers. The State Institute for Vocational Education provides basic pedagogical documents for teaching and study departments, further training of pedagogical staff and coordinates co-operation with domestic and foreign entities in order to equip schools with technology and retraining. It also works on the methodological provision of tasks in apprenticeship. It fulfills the tasks related to the pedagogical and organizational provision of education and training in secondary vocational schools, apprenticeships, practical training centers and practical teaching workplaces. It is focused on the elaboration of documents and opinions on drafts of conceptual materials, laws, norms, regulations and basic pedagogical documents for apprenticeship, elaboration of methodological materials, provision of counseling, consulting, methodological and information services in the field of practical teaching and implementation of activities related to international activities, coordinated and guided by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic. At the State Institute for Vocational Training, the Slovak National Observatory was established to collect and analyze information on vocational training in the Slovak Republic. Moreover it includes the Slovak Center of Training Companies, which acts as a specialized workplace for the task of coordinating the activities of the training companies.

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P.O. Box 63, Bellova 54/a
837 63 Bratislava
T: +421 2 54776777