SANQ is a System for identifying qualifications needs and indicating priority areas and professional exits for the education and training network, which will allow clear guidelines for the definition of the network of training offers, as well as for the updating of the National Catalog of Qualifications.

The objectives are:

  • the production of a basic macro-diagnosis with critical information on the economic and labor market dynamics that influence the demand for qualifications from a short- and medium-term perspective,
  • the production of recommendations and proposals for guidelines that can be incorporated in the assignment of priority levels for the qualifications,
  • the identification of potential future qualifications, and of adjustment needs in the existing ones, that will allow a more dynamic update of the National Qualification Catalog,
  • deepening the diagnosis at regional level within the framework of the Intermunicipal Communities (CIM) and articulating with them for the presentation of a joint proposal of a local network of educational and training offer. 

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