Trexima developing research-statistical and consulting-consulting company. Since 1992, they have been developing and successfully implementing new, efficient methods of wage research based on specific employment, employment, comprehensive productivity, collective bargaining, education, monitoring of working and living conditions of employees in the Slovak Republic and its regions, systematically cooperating with a large number of enterprises, organizations and tradesmen, secondary schools and universities, state administration experts, local self-government in the Slovak Republic and renowned foreign institutions. They create the national classification of employment (ISCO-08) and ensure its broad implementation with economic entities throughout the Slovak Republic, including employment services, especially as regards the use of correct nomenclature and the coding of particular jobs in the labor market.

Trexima, also, assessing and anticipating structural changes in production and services, professionalism and mobility of human resources, based on innovation, digitization and technological advancement, including Industry 4.0 and Big Data's new requirements. The aim of the company is to provide our customer organizations and all partners with comprehensive, high-quality and tailor-made services at a high professional level. It also want to bring new and fundamental views into the labor market in the future, to successfully shape the analytical dimension, to improve prognostic models and to help all subjects in the labor market to focus and take advantage of key challenges and opportunities. Effectively implement monitoring and research on wage developments and differentiation based on specific employment, sectors, regions, gender, employee education and other aspects, provide credible information and results of in-depth analysis of social, working, working and employee benefits. The main principles of our work are high quality, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

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Drobného 29, P. O. Box 133
844 07 Bratislava
T: +421 2 33322294