Forem is the Walloon Public Service for Employment and Vocational Training. Its core business is the integration of job seekers into the labor market in a perspective of sustainable and quality employment, as well as the satisfaction of the needs of employers and their job offers. The Forem offers jobseekers personalized advice, guidance and information services to assist them in their job search or career path. Validation of skills, support for geographical mobility, specific actions for young people, which aim in their insertion on the labor market. In addition, evaluates the job search efforts and the litigious situations of jobseekers who are beneficiaries of integration or unemployment benefits or who are in the integration phase. Furthermore, it offers to companies consulting, assistance and information on employment and training. It guarantees companies access to public aids and devices, advice on the management of human resources and dissemination of their job offers. It offers all French-speaking Wallonia citizens training to obtain a qualification in line with the requirements of the labor market and guarantees everyone access to information on training organized by other operators. Lastly, though an extensive network of partners, Forem also plays a role in coordinating the labor market and training in Wallonia. It assists and coordinates all stakeholders and job market providers, ensures its role of strategic contact with regional and federal institutional bodies, and manages and disseminates information on the labor market.

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