Are we replicating the past or looking to the future? The second in a series of Cedefop Brussels seminars.

The second in a series of Cedefop Brussels seminars. Tthe discussion will focus on the issue of VET qualifications, in the context of the need for strengthening of vocational education and training which is an important part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe.

The aim of the seminar is to increase awareness of the overall importance of VET qualifications in Europe and to launch a debate on way we set priorities in this area; how can education and training work better together and to what extent is it necessary to strengthen cooperation between countries, at European and international level. Cedefop and the Slovak Presidency hope that the seminar provides an opportunity to take forward this important discussion.

Cedefop experts and the invited speakers will present the current research and policy analysis. Please find attached the agenda of the event with details in that regard.