With forecasts that nearly half of all jobs in advanced economies may be potentially automated, it is no surprise that 72% of EU citizens fear that technology may ‘steal people’s jobs’.

 Such a bleak picture about the 4th industrial revolution is not entirely unfounded, given the rapid proliferation of digitalisation, robotisation and artificial intelligence (AI) that is already disrupting the world of work and society at large. However, futuristic assessments of the impact of technology on jobs are sometimes more fiction than science.

This blog article by Cedefop expert Konstantinos Pouliakas unravels some key questions and concerns in relation to automation risk in the EU job market, and provides informed insights towards key questions such as:

  • How many EU workers are at risk of automation?
  • Which job tasks and skills are associated with higher automation risk?
  • What is the share of EU workers at risk of automation?
  • Who are mostly affected? and,
  • Are we prepared for the future of work?

Share of EU workers at very high risk of automation, by industry, EU28