Empirical evidences on teachers, learners and principals in VET as well as on in-company trainers are scarce in the EU. To close this gap the current tender aims at carrying out a feasibility study for a survey on teachers, school principals, learners, and in-company trainers in initial vocational education and training (IVET) at ISCED level 3. As was done in other surveys, the survey fieldwork will be conducted with CAWI in VET-schools to survey data on teachers, principals and learners. Regarding in-company trainers a survey mode test is foreseen to determine whether CAWI or CAPI is favourable. It will be further investigated how a sampling concept can be implemented that allows estimating valid population statistics for all four populations of interest. As a proof of concept, the developed sampling and fieldwork approaches will be tested with a pilot survey in at least three selected countries. Based on the outcomes of the pilot, the study will assess the feasibility and practicability of such kind of survey, evaluate its capacity to close information gaps, and suggest possibilities to expand the concept to the EU27, IS and NO countries.

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