In October, the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for the euro area (EA19) was 7.5% (7.6% in September 2019 and 8.0% in October 2018), the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since July 2008. For EU28 unemployment rate remained at the same level as September 2019 (6.3%), down from 6.7% in October of the previous year. This also remains the lowest rate recorded in the EU28 since the start of the EU monthly unemployment series in January 2000.

The unemployment rate fell in 24 Member States, if compared to October 2018. It increased in Czechia, Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden. Greece (from 18.9% to 16.7% between August 2018 and August 2019) and Estonia (from 5.7% to 4.3% between September 2018 and September 2019) enjoyed the largest decreases.

Graphic of Unemployment rates in October 2019

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