The Commission is setting up a high-level expert group (HLG) on the impact of the digital transformation on EU labour markets, in the context of its broader activities on the future of work.

call for applications to select the 9 members of the expert group was published on 4 May and applications can be submitted until 4 June 2018.

The goal of the expert group is to analyse and advise the Commission on the impact of the digital transformation on EU labour markets, and explore policy options in this regard. It will, among other things:

  • analyse how to shape the transformation and what framework conditions to be put in place to make it smooth and human-centric,
  • identify the potential social impacts (risks and opportunities) of digitalisation and artificial intelligence,
  • assess to what extent current systems (such as social security, tax and benefits, lifelong learning) are fit for purpose, and
  • make suggestions on a way forward.

The expert group will report on its analysis and findings by early 2019.


Digitalisation is transforming the world of work at unprecedented speed. Technological change has the potential to create jobs, increase the productivity of labour, and boost innovation, investment, and economic prosperity.

However, these benefits are not automatic, nor are they evenly distributed among European regions and citizens. 

Europe must steer these developments to foster well-being and economic growth, ensuring decent working conditions, social protection and equal opportunities for all.