Cedefop has launched a new call for tender on the ‘European Learning in Work (LiW) survey and enterprise case studies: Data collection on the incidence, drivers, and benefits of in-work learning and the role of the work and learning context’ Ref. no. AO/DSL/JVLOO-MKANK-KPOUL/LIW/009/21.

The aim of this call for tender is to collect data and information that will enhance understanding by Cedefop and the wider research/policy community of the incidence of different types and forms of learning in work (LiW) settings, the factors, contextual conditions and individual characteristics driving such learning and the direct and wider benefits of work-related learning. This tender procedure is divided into two (2) Lots, namely (Lot 1) laying the groundwork for a quantitative learning in work survey among adults and the preparation and implementation of a mixed-methods case study research on learning in work in enterprises and (Lot 2) provision of socio-economic online panels for testing and piloting the quantitative Learning in Work (LiW) survey and the mainstage fieldwork of the LiW survey.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 27/09/2021.

You can find all related tender documents under the following link: https://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/about-cedefop/public-procurement/european-learning-work-liw-survey-and-enterprise-case-studies-data-collection-incidence-drivers