Replay-VET is a new tool designed to highlight the potential that exists within an aging labour market for generating new jobs and new careers for excluded and disadvantaged young people in Europe.

The REPLAY-VET project is designed to support policy makers, VET providers and career counsellors on how to successfully train low-skilled people to prepare them for current and future job opportunities. The tool aims to offer a significant step in improving the employability of people with low qualifications and at risk of exclusion so they can become active agents in the labour market. It will increase their social cohesion and support development of more equal society. It offers a toolkit along with implications for an European-wide strategy, which can be accessed through

The toolkit provides VET providers, employment services and policy makers with how-to-guides and best practice examples responding to needs and challenges regarding the employment and training opportunities of the low-skilled people.

The European Strategy highlights lessons and recommendations on improving the current and future labour market participation of low-skilled groups of workers across the European Union. These include: reducing barriers to vocational training; improving the attractiveness of jobs, careers and labour conditions associated with the sectors in which low-skilled/low-qualified people work; and advancing professionalization in these sectors.

The work is a result of the collaboration between eight members of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring ( who have been working together for 2 years in an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership to develop a toolkit to provide more effective opportunities for low-skilled or low-educated people in order for them to acquire or develop those skills through initial and continuing vocational training.