In mid-2017, the Austrian National Council adopted far-reaching measures for the education sector, including a special focus on the extension of school autonomy which also applies to VET schools.

The reform gives schools and teachers more scope in the organisation of teaching. They will be permitted to adjust class and group sizes, depending on how they design pedagogical and didactic aspects of learning. Neither minimum nor maximum numbers for groups will be specified centrally. Resources, which will remain unchanged overall and have been legally enshrined, can be used flexibly in various locations for measures taken as part of school autonomy.

The duration of periods of instruction can also be varied, with the 50-minute lesson only serving as a parameter of calculation for resource allocation: total teaching time for teachers and pupils, based on the applicable curriculum, will not change. This will simplify project-oriented teaching, block instruction and topic-centred teaching. The grouping of pupils and the forms of teaching can also be handled flexibly. School opening hours will be laid down for individual locations in school partnership agreements. This will allow school infrastructure to be used in a flexible and better way.