Skills Intelligence is now online in the new Cedefop web portal!

After a sweeping redesign, the new Cedefop web portal offers streamlined access to key areas of Cedefop’s work and the Skills Panorama becomes a part of it. Named “Skills intelligence”, it now provides all the information on occupations, sectors, countries, and skills created during the Skills Panorama life.

Moreover, Skills intelligence becomes closely integrated with the rest of the Cedefop website. Its indicators, dashboards, and data insights are sourced by the “Skills and labour market theme” and connected to the large family of Cedefop’s publications, reports, articles, and other content.

By this successful transition, the life of Skills Panorama as a standalone website nears its end. Future updates and developments of its data and analyses will be done exclusively within the Skills intelligence theme on the Cedefop web portal. 

Visit Skills Intelligence here: https://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/tools/skills-intelligence

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Thank you sincerely for following us all these “Panorama years”