Watch Cedefop's latest video presenting the main findings of the newly published report on skills for green jobs!

Addressing climate change and setting economies and societies more firmly onto a path towards a sustainable, low-carbon future is one of the defining challenges of our time. Such shift will entail far-reaching transformations of our economies, changing the ways we consume and produce, shifting energy sources, and leveraging new technologies.

Continuing its work on skills for the green economy, in 2018 Cedefop collaborated with the International Labour Organization to identify developments in countries in ‘green’ jobs and skills, as well as efficient policy responses to skill challenges due to the ‘greening’ of economy.  Cedefop reported on six EU countries: Denmark, Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, and the UK, based on which a European synthesis report was developed.

Cedefop expert Stelina Chatzichristou explains more in the video below: