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Refugee skills and labour market needs

Most refugees live in developing countries of asylum, struggling to prove themselves in economies which are unable to absorb and make full use of their labour market potential. As a result, their skills often remain unused and become obsolete over time. Key challenges for Europe include sharing t...

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Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Bulgaria

Ensuring that EU countries develop robust skills anticipation to inform responsive VET systems, is a key aim of the skills agenda for Europe. To be impactful, skills intelligence requires good skills governance, feeding into VET and employment policies with wide outreach to diverse potential user...

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ENhANCE project: Fostering an European curriculum for family and community nurse

EU recommendations point out the importance of family and community in the ageing process, emphasizing Primary Health Care (PHC), frailty prevention, early detection and diagnosis. Many World Health Organization (WHO) reports identify the Family and Community Nurse (FCN) as a key-actor in the new...